Blessed Are the Children Annual Giving Campaign

The annual campaign, Blessed Are the Children, is a yearly campaign to raise $340,000 for Saint Philip the Apostle School.  These funds help bridge the gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate a child at Saint Philip the Apostle School.  For the 2021-22 school year,that gap is $1,300.  More information on this campaign can be found on the Blessed are the Children tab under Giving.

1927 Society

The collective PTO sponsorship, the 1927 Society, is a way to sponsor all three major PTO events: the Fall Fest, Jogathon, and Red Tie Bash/Ball. As a way to commemorate the year St. Philip the Apostle School opened its doors, you or your business can join the 1927 Society by donating $2,500 a year to support our PTO. As a sponsor, you will receive the following benefits: Fall Fest 2021 Raffle Sponsor, Sponsor Recognition at both the Jog-a-thon and Red Tie event,  Website and Social Media Recognition and Signage at the school. This sponsorship helps the PTO be successful with their fundraising goals.

Endowment Fund

The school maintains an Endowment fund to provide scholarship assistance, grants for students in need, support programs for faculty and staff professional development, fund certain capital improvements to the school buildings and the plant, and to purchase equipment as needed.

Matching Gifts

If you or your spouse is affiliated with a matching gifts company, you can double or triple your contribution at no extra cost to you. Simply check to see if your company participates in such a program.

D.C. Angels

In the spring of 2015, we invited 8th grade students to our inaugural trip to Washington D.C.  The 5-day educational trip was a big success immersing students in the ideas and events that shaped American democracy.  Students organized school fundraisers to pay a portion of the cost of the trip.   For some, the remaining expense was still a burden.   "D.C. Angels" was born to insure every student would have the opportunity to visit our nation's capital on this special trip.  The trip expense is approximately $1500/student.  Any amount donated will go to pay for our neediest students to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Planned Giving

Planned giving is usually thought of as the process of carefully selecting from the numerous gift-giving opportunities, in other words, the best method to make as charitable gift is also favorable to you.  Your primary purpose is to strengthen the organization or cause that you support.  Just as important however, is the tax savings and personal benefits that a well-matched plan will provide for you and your family.

Gifts may be revocable (meaning that the donor has the option to change his or her mind about them) or they may be irrevocable. Income tax benefits will be based on the type of gift and the assets used to fund it.

Many different kinds of assets can be contributed to establish a planned gift.  The tax advantages will depend on what types of assets are given.  The usual types of assets to make an outright gift or irrevocable plan include: cash, real estate, some type of personal property, and gifts of securities.

Consulting with your financial planner or attorney is the first step to determine if this type of giving is beneficial to you and St. Philip the Apostle School.

In-Kind Donations

An in-kind gift is a tangible items that the school would otherwise have to purchase but that are instead given to St. Philip as donations, such as artwork, books, sporting equipment or furniture.


A grant is a restricted donation from individuals or organization for a specific purpose.  Grants to the school might be for tuition assistance, a specific curricular program such as technology, sports, music, or for a specific classroom need. 

Angel Donor Dinner

We gratefully acknowledge and honor donors who give $2,500 or more in a year at the Angel Donor Dinner held in January.  

Major Donor Reception

This event honors donors who help us bridge the tuition gap of $1,300 or more in a year.  The new date of this reception is September 30, 2019.


Please contact our Development Director, Tricia Ortega, at (626) 795-9691 ext 449, for further information regarding any of these programs.

Your generosity and prayers are appreciated.