Encouraging students to become competent 21st Century learners.


The St. Philip the Apostle library program supports reading as well as information technology skills from TK through eighth grade. Each grade level has a weekly library class with grade level appropriate activities based on standards from the California Common Core English Language Arts, American Library Association, and the International Society for Technology in Education. Our school offers two library spaces, each catering to specific grade level needs. 


The Primary Learning Center is available to students in kindergarten through second grade. Students attend classes once a week where they develop a love of reading while also learning about the purpose of cataloging information and how to use available library resources. Primary level students learn the basics of book care, practice responsibility by checking out and returning books, and learn how to select books that meet their needs. Students learn about story elements, draw attention to details, and develop their ability to use context clues as a means of increasing engagement as they read. Library time also supports the curriculum with additional resources and supplemental lessons on content specific topics. Students are encouraged to utilize the Primary Learning Center for school projects as well as support their enjoyment of reading. 


In third grade, students transition to the Learning Commons for their weekly classes.  Down in the Learning Commons, we encourage students to become competent 21st Century learners. While instilling a love of reading is still a priority, we also use library classes to develop critical research skills that will allow students to navigate and evaluate various types of information.  Multiple technologies are integrated into this process as students use technology to share what they have learned. In eighth grade, students participate in a year-long Capstone project as they investigate a topic of interest within American Studies. This project allows eighth grade students to apply research skills to evaluate information and develop a strong thesis statement they use as the foundation for a multimedia project that communicates their ideas and research. 

The Learning Commons has unique spaces that allow students to channel their creativity using 21st century skills.  The Audio Visual Room has mobile sound equipment students may use to record podcasts, high-quality digital recordings, and video equipment like HandyCams and a GoPro for student productions.  We also have a Green Screen students may use for class projects and to record our school-wide morning announcements broadcast via YouTube. The Work Room houses student supplies for a well-stocked Maker’s Space.  PC and Macbooks are available for more advanced digital projects, including photo and video editing. We have 3D printers students may use to make their designs a reality.


The Learning Commons is also a hub for collaboration among students and teachers, has spaces for small group work and differentiated instruction, provides a place for students to relax, read, use information, and to explore their creativity.