Teaching from Sacred Beginnings


Transitional Kindergarten

Our goal is to foster a sense of curiosity and discovery through exploration in a faith-based environment.  We provide a variety of opportunities for outdoor play, games, and social interaction. Students gain academic exposure through whole group lessons and a center-based approach for small group instruction.  These small groups provide students with developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory experiences that meet Los Angeles Archdiocese TK Common Core Standards. In addition, students have dedicated Science, Music, Spanish, and Physical Education classes with content area teachers.  Our students learn how to navigate between structured and play-based activities and develop skills for life-long learning.



Faith formation is at the core of our kindergarten program.  Students practice their religious faith through daily prayer, weekly mass, and school family activities. We implement the curriculum with a child-centered learning environment in which the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of each student is met.  Our goal is to provide students with strong foundational skills in language arts and math through instructional methods that include a variety of individual, partner, small group, and whole group instruction. Our students learn to embrace their emerging independence with confidence as they continue their educational journey at St. Philip the Apostle school. 


First Grade

In first grade, we nurture collaboration, building up classroom community and aim to help students develop social skills that positively impact relationships with classmates. We teach first graders that we are all part of the human family made in the image and likeness of God.  With a focus on strengthening emerging literacy and numeracy skills, we help students build understanding and increase confidence in their abilities. Our approach allows students to explore content areas by initiating time to explore, integrate real and imaginary experiences, and share with their classroom community.  


Second Grade

In second grade, students are really expanding their social awareness and developing independence. We channel this enthusiasm to connect with others as we help our students improve their writing skills and their ability to express themselves. Second graders develop a love for reading as they increase their fluency and select texts they enjoy.  Our students deepen their relationship with Jesus as they prepare for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion. Students build their critical thinking skills as they use place value and other strategies to add and subtract within 1000 as well as build an understanding of time, money, and equal shares- a precursor to division. Second grade is an exciting learning opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, their faith, explore their talents, and engage with each other.