Our goal is to prepare students who are knowledgeable and competent citizens of the digital world.  Our students learn to be creative collaborators and thinkers as they learn how to use technology as a tool.  Starting in kindergarten, students learn how to use technology, including touch tablets, chromebooks, and other interactive devices.  Basic keyboarding is introduced in second grade as students gain confidence in their abilities. Also at this age, students learn to understand the importance of balancing online and offline activities.  Programming is also introduced in second grade as it encourages creativity, logical thought, and problem solving. Starting in third grade, students learn how to access their school-sponsored network account.  In fourth grade and beyond, students navigate and use the Google Suite for education. Using Google classroom, they can access assignments, online curricular resources, and learn how to utilize technology to stay organized in their work. 

At St. Philip the Apostle, our students understand that technology is a tool they can use to their benefit, but that ultimately, their own critical thinking skills dictate how to best apply technology.