St.Philip the Apostle School Board

The St. Philip School Board is a board of limited jurisdiction that supports the School through strategic planning, budgeting, communications, fundraising, and policymaking.  The School Board regularly works on these areas of responsibility and advises the Pastor and Principal in other areas upon request.  The Pastor has the ultimate discretion to ratify or not ratify policies and decisions formulated by the Board.

For 2020/2021, the School Board is comprised of 21 voting members, the Pastor, the Principal (ex officio), and former Board President (ex officio). More than half of the Board members are parishioners/community members and less than half are parents (including the PTO Presidents, ex officio). Members are elected for one three-year term with the possibility of a second three-year term.

The Board meets monthly during the school year.  Meetings are generally at 4:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Parish Center.
Strategic Plan

The current Strategic Plan approved by the Board has five goals related to:   

(1) Creating a long-term plan for financial stability and eliminating our reliance on current-use fundraising;
(2) Implementing a master communications plan;
(3) Developing a facilities use, maintenance and expansion plan;
(4) Competitively compensating and supporting our faculty and staff;
(5) Maintaining and expanding our excellent curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.

The Plan was approved by the Board in 2017 and will be in effect from 2017-2023. 

CLICK HERE for a copy of our full strategic plan.

The Board works through the following standing committees and subcommittees:  Policy & Planning, Finance, Executive, Development (umbrella committee for Advancement, Blessed Are the Children, Endowment and Advancement), Public Relations, Board Affairs, and Technology.  

The Board welcomes applications and nominations for committee and Board membership. Applications are generally sought in the spring for the following school year.  The Board is grateful for your feedback and involvement as we work together with the School administration, faculty, staff, PTO, and the St. Philip the Apostle Parish to provide the best Catholic education possible for the children of our community.

PTO (Parent Teacher Organziation) 

The St. Philip Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) supports our school, teachers and parents in order to enhance the educational experience of each child.  Every St. Philip parent is a member of the PTO. Meetings are held once a month in Parish Center Room B.  All parents are invited to attend the PTO meetings.

From fundraising to programming, the PTO Board continuously strives to assist St. Philip the Apostle School.  Our annual activities include the Fall Fest, Book Fair, Family Movie Night, Falcon Invitational, Red Tie Ball/Bash, Jog-a-thon and other activities which provide experiences that our children will remember long after their years at St. Philip. 

It is the generous partnership of our entire school community that makes St. Philip such a special place.

Thank you for your enduring commitment to our children.