TK throughThird Grade


Science in TK through third grade follows an engaging and dynamic curriculum based on the California Next Generation Science Standards.  Our program seeks to inspire students to use their intrinsic curiosity to explore the natural world. Students gain a deeper appreciation for living things as they care for, explore, and learn from our school garden.  This opportunity also increases students’ awareness about our Earth and how all living things have a connection and purpose. Students are introduced to basic scientific principles, vocabulary, and practices while becoming collaborative, confident learners.  Our TK through third science also integrates Art and Engineering for a STEAM--Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math--focus. 

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Upper Level Science

Our goal is for students to develop inquiring minds and a curiosity for science and the natural world. Starting in fourth grade, students use a digital science curriculum based on the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS) that features hands-on exploration, collaborative learning, and investigative inquiry methods. Each lesson includes a series of investigations, engineering solutions, research,  and other activities to bring science to life so students can “learn by doing” and fully engage in the scientific process. This experience encourages a deeper understanding of essential scientific process skills and strengthens the connection to real-world application.  

Our students develop a basic understanding of life, earth, and physical sciences while they acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions; in addition, our students develop habits essential to working in the scientific community and develop a respect for themselves, others, and their shared environment.

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