Art at St. Philip the Apostle provides an opportunity to develop problem solving skills, confidence building, and an awareness that the process of creating utilizes our God-given gifts. Our approach introduces students to art via a famous artist or art movement with the guidance of our faculty art instructors.  Students then interpret this style through their own lens and create an inspired project based on what they have learned. Color theory is taught through basic paint mixing and develops to more complex color exploration as students create master colors then manipulate them through tinting and shading. All art lessons meet the California State Visual Arts Content Standards.  Our Art program develops fine art skills, grows student understanding of classic art techniques and seeks to impart students with concrete knowledge about the elements of art. This process unfolds in a developmentally appropriate timeline that begins when students enter kindergarten.  

In kindergarten through second grade, students are introduced to the nuances of color, line, shape, and texture. Religious and holiday art both play a prominent role in this primary grade level. For example, in second grade, First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion provide students the opportunity to create symbolic, keepsake pieces for these holy sacraments. 


By third grade, students possess basic art skills that they continue to develop through observation, critique, continued instruction about their own art, and discussion of famous artworks.  Our students are able to take their artwork to the next level with increased exposure to additional art mediums including various types of paint, drawing tools, clay, sculpture, and unique fibers.  With a deeper art knowledge, we also demonstrate and guide students to practice many additional art techniques including printmaking, ceramics, collage, and weaving, in addition to drawing and painting.  In eighth grade, students are guided through a Photoshop assignment that incorporates posterization and complex color theory. By the time our students graduate, our goal is that students are proficient artists and are confident in their abilities.