The goal of the music program at St. Philip is to nurture the innate musical ability that every child possesses when they are born. We, as a community, make this possible by creating an environment of belonging where all students feel valued and can contribute to the joy that arises when making music together. The music program follows the Orff Schulwerk, or simply, the Orff Approach, for music education and adds elements of the Kodaly method in order to provide students with a well-rounded and balanced music education experience.

The Orff Approach utilizes a developmental framework by which students learn music in a natural and comfortable environment as they combine singing, movement, instrumentation, and natural speech. Our students learn to express themselves as they play wind, percussion, and string instruments as part of their music education.  Students begin as they explore the recorders, build their skills with ukuleles, and learn how to play as an ensemble, combining the rich sounds in a group setting. The Kodaly Method provides the foundation for vocal development and music literacy as students study the elements of music by singing folk songs from diverse cultural groups in the United States and around the world.