Physical Education

The goal of our Physical Education department is to provide a safe and positive environment in which students learn the value of physical fitness.  Using the California Physical Education Standards, students gain confidence in their abilities and enjoy a variety of physical activities. They build physical fitness, learn cooperation and problem solving, and realize that fitness is a fun and essential component of a healthy life.  Our Physical Education program celebrates movement, team building, healthy living, and learning to respect the body that God has gifted us. 

TK through Fourth Grade


TK thru fourth grade classes are centered around the concept that fitness is fun.  Through a variety of games and activities, both gross and fine motor skills are honed, sportsmanship is practiced, and students learn to appreciate differing abilities and skill levels.  TK and kindergarten students work on spatial and body awareness while developing the sense to move safely in an active environment. First through third grade students build on this awareness and add team sports into their classes.  Fourth grade students continue to develop more specific sports skills.

Fifth through Eighth Grade

Fifth through eighth grade classes seek to promote life-long physical fitness.  Students use class time to set and meet personal fitness goals, practice team sports reflective of the sports season, and develop cooperative skills with their peers.