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Meet Mr. Williams

Meet Mr. Williams

Meet Mr. Wiliams
by Reagan Bean, Class of 2021

Hello Falcons! This year we are welcoming a new teacher in Jr. High! Mr. Williams will be taking over the position of Language Arts teacher for 6-8th grade. Over the summer, I got the opportunity to ask him some questions for this article. 

He has taught 6-11th grade and has taught at St. Mary’s Academy and St. Jude the Apostle. He went to Clearwater Central Catholic HS - Clearwater, FL for High School and the University of South Florida - Tampa, FL CSUN Loyola Marymount University for Undergrad and Grad School. For Undergrad, he studied Broadcast Journalism, which, as he believed, would prepare him for his first career in television. For Grad School, he studied history and education, and this prepared him to teach, “which I've been doing for the past thirteen years” said Mr. Williams. If he could be anything other than a Language Arts teacher, he said he would want to be “an NFL play-by-play announcer.” His favorite sport is football, and his favorite team is the Miami Dolphins.

His favorite book is The Great Gatsby, and Homeland is his favorite TV show. Mr. Williams’ favorite color is blue. When asked who his role model is, he responded, “My mother, who still teaches me great lessons all the time!” 

He says, “I always knew I would teach one day, thanks in large part to a very influential teacher I had in high school. As for teaching Language Arts, I always enjoyed English in jr. high and high school, and I wanted the opportunity to share the same passion I felt (and continue to feel) in Language Arts with my students.” “I have learned many things from being a teacher, but what really stands out is how much I continue to learn from my students each year. I have also learned that every student brings something special to the classroom and contributes to the learning environment in many ways. My favorite part of being a teacher is working with students on a daily basis toward achieving goals that make everyone feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I also really enjoy getting to know my students well and watching them express themselves through their personalities.” “I'm just very excited to be teaching at St. Philip the Apostle School...let's get it started!”

Mr. Williams seems like he is going to be a great addition to the staff and the St. Philip Falcons!

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