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Fall 2020

Fall 2020

We are planning to reopen campus using a hybrid format. This means that one

half of students will attend each day. By only having half of students in the classroom, we can

follow the mandate for social distancing. Each classroom will be divided into two groups.

Families will be assigned to the same group. Then, following a two week rotation balancing on

campus and at-home days, students will be able to access the entire curriculum, including their

auxiliary classes of art, music, PE, library, Spanish, and computer. For example, your

child/children will attend on Tuesday and Thursday the first week, then the next week on

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This two-week schedule will allow all students to have five

on-campus days over the course of two weeks.

On their “home” days, students in grades TK-5 will have at least one, small group, online lesson

with their teaching associate and will be completing assignments explained in class the day

before. The junior high will have some “all class lessons” to check into as well as assignments

to work on at home. At home assignments will be a continuation of lessons taught the previous

day on campus. Students will only be required to submit assignments on days when they are

on campus. All “home” students will need to be checked in either through email or class check

in, to be marked as in attendance.

Teachers will continue to use Google Classroom as a way to support at-home learning. We are

working this summer to standardize our Google Classroom experience so that each Google

classroom, regardless of grade level, follows the same format for posting announcements,

listing assignments, and organizing content.

We are excited about the benefits of having half the number of students each day!

The most obvious benefit is that teachers will be working with small classes and be able to give

each child a lot of individual attention and address critical areas of the curriculum with more

depth. We plan to use this time to help our students to make progress in areas that may have

been lacking during remote learning. The teachers are already planning lessons and aligning

standards so that we can all rest assured that our students will continue to make strong



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